Sliding Sash Windows

Elegant sliding sash windows are frequently found in listed Georgian or Victorian buildings throughout Gloucestershire. However, it’s also a style used today and we can very easily fit modern sash windows to your home. The term “sash” represents the opening part of a window and when coupled with the term “sliding” means that the moveable glazed panels will open by sliding the sash up vertically. The weight of the panel is counterbalanced by a weight, or spring, inside the frame.

Advantages and features of Sash Windows:

 Give a home an elegant and timeless feel.

 They are the only style of window that can be opened at the top and the bottom. Allowing great ventilation as warm air is drawn out of the top while cooler air is drawn in through the bottom.

 They are as weatherproof and secure as casement windows due to modern manufacturing methods.

 They are available in traditional timber frames as well as the durable and easily maintained uPVC.

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Timber Alternative 

Timber alternative windows retain the look and feel of traditional timber, whilst benefitting from all the advantages of uPVC.

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