Timber Windows

Although timber is more expensive than other materials, some would say that the advantages they offer are priceless. When maintained correctly, timber windows and doors can offer an eco friendly and traditional solution which will last you many years.

Advantages and features of Timber Windows:

Few people would argue that timber has a beauty and character which man-made materials cannot match.

Wood is incredibly flexible, so can be used for windows of any size and style – casement, sash, stormproof or tilt and turn. Timber also makes a beautiful and unique look to any type of door – Entrance, bi-fold or french doors.

 It gives the most flexibility in terms of appearance. You can choose from pale hardwood surrounds, dark stains, standard (popular) colour options or bespoke colouring from any of the RAL chart options.

  All timber windows and doors now have to meet strict standards of weatherproofing and durability. All frames are treated and finished to ensure that they can withstand the extremes of the British climate. A correctly fitted wooden aperture will last you for many years, with minimal maintenance.

  Timber is the most environmentally-friendly material for frames.


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Timber Alternative 

Timber alternative windows retain the look and feel of traditional timber, whilst benefitting from all the advantages of uPVC.

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