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uPVC (sometimes written PVC-U) is a frame made out of Polyvinyl Chloride plastic. It is the most widely used material for window frames nowadays for very good reasons. The typical window style can be either flush casement or stormproof and have the choice of double or triple glazing.  Evolution of uPVC styles has taken a full hold so you are not limited to the standard white colour, you can have the frame sprayed any RAL chart colour and any of these foil colours.

There are many other variations so please ask us if you are looking for something specific as the list of options would be too complex to feature here.

  • UPVC Window
  • UPVC Window
  • bespoke windows burgundy
  • blue windows and door
  • blue window
  • UPVC white windows on stone building
  • UPVC white windows on stone building 2

Advantages and features of uPVC Windows:

This material can be manufactured very easily and very cheaply – it costs less to buy and less to install than other materials.

uPVC has excellent insulating properties and so is very energy efficient.

Where other materials might be damaged by the weather, uPVC is incredibly tough and durable. It’s naturally waterproof and expands in the heat (so doesn’t crack).

Because of its durability, uPVC looks better for longer. It’s easy to clean and keeps the colour and doesn’t need repainting every few years, as with timber.

 uPVC can be used for windows of any size and style – stormproof, sash or tilt and turn.

 A brochure with more detail on our range is available here.

The sash opening even has a choice of bevelled or ovolo edging.


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Timber Alternative 

Timber alternative windows retain the look and feel of traditional timber, whilst benefitting from all the advantages of uPVC.

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