Victorian Conservatories

The Victorians really invented the idea of conservatories as we know them today. Before that time, they were a feature of grand country houses only. Victorian conservatories have steeply angled roofs and rounded sides, called facets, forming a bay of three or five windows. Like Victorian buildings they often have ornate features, especially on the roof. They are a popular choice for Gloucestershire homes.

  • UPVC Conservatory

Advantages and features of Victorian Conservatories

This versatile style can be adapted to any size or shape of home, and still retain its timeless look.

Flexibility of shape and size to suit any house and garden space.

Can be made up of any door, window, French door, patio slider and bi-fold combination.Call For Details Sticker

The bay design allows light to enter from all sides, creating a true sun lounge which can be enjoyed in all seasons.

 The Victorian style can add an elegant and classic touch to a home.


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