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Window Fixtures And Fittings

Depending on the material of choice, you will have an expanse range of furniture to choose from when creating your installation solution.  We will run through the options available to you and show you pictorial examples at the point of quotation so let us simplify this for you in person.

All windows are fitted with easy clean, fire escape hinges (where applicable) as standard and child restrictive hinges are available upon request.

Another common query that gets raised by our customers is one about the types of glazing bar on offer.

Astragal bar – prominent glazing bar which gives multiple pane effect. Available in all window and door systems.

Georgian bar – Glazing bar made within the glass and not prominent, ease of cleaning glass pane and generally a cheaper option for creating multiple pane effect within one frame.

Fixtures And Fittings

Fixtures and Fittings

Astragal bar 

astragal bar



Georgian bar



Our Range of Materials


uPVC (sometimes written PVC-U) is a frame made out of Polyvinyl Chloride plastic. It is the most widely used material for window frames nowadays for very good reasons.


Aluminium is very versatile and all frames are thermally broken so condensation cannot travel through the metal. We always supply “A” rated glazing as standard.


Although timber is more expensive than other materials, some would say that the advantages it offers are priceless.

Timber Alternative

Timber alternative windows retain the look and feel of traditional timber, whilst benefitting from all the advantages of uPVC.

Our Range of Window Styles

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